LEO Software - Offering Industrial Training Program

Gain the skills you want to become the next best programmer. Make the career change you have been waiting for!

    The industrial training programme.

  • Looking forward to learn coding.
  • Looking to better their skills with programming tools.
  • Learning to take up programming and coding as a full-time career, or even part-time
  • Learning programming languages in order to establish themselves as entrepreneurs, with their own websites and applications

    What you will Be Able to Achieve During This Course

  • HTML/DHTML and HTML5 new tags
  • Style sheet
  • Responsive Web design using front-end framework
  • PHP basic
  • Database
  • Classes and Objects
  • PHP control statements
  • loop iteration
  • PHP array
  • PHP framework (CAKE PHP,LARAVEL)
  • Jquery
  • Ajax

Join with LEO and Give Your Website a Brand New Look